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Brooklyn's Finest: 5 Local Beauties On the Hair, the Lipstick, and the Look That Connects Them

It’s easy to compare a group of cool-looking women to a girl band: They radiate a thread of common creativity among them. That’s how it felt when we met Elise Peterson, Marjon Carlos, Saada Ahmed, Christina Coleman, and Shabazz, five Brooklyn-based women who became friends while working for Saint Heron, the online editorial counterpart to Solange Knowles’s debut R&B compilation of the same name.



NYC writer Christina Coleman is carving her own path: currently a Senior Editor at Essence magazine, her resume includes everything from NASA to Solange Knowles. Find out how she’s made a career out of following her passions.


the visionary ladies behind solange's new music website

When Solange released advanced copies of her new Saint Heron compilation earlier this month, she brought the party to Opening Ceremony in a decked out Lamborghini, customized by artist Rashaad Newsome.


Meet Christina Coleman

From journalism studies at Howard University, to covering Earth and Science for NASA, to a ballsy move to NYC, Christina Coleman has carved out a space for her work in the news industry. Now a Senior Editor at ESSENCE, when we first caught up with her for this feature, she was working as the Managing Editor for Before that, she was one of the founding editors for Solange Knowles', a wannabe chef, journalist/activist, and a fierce advocate for black women.


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